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The Goon Squad Mixes

2007 remixes by (some of) the best audio cutting wizzards on the planet
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Parent Directory - GoonSquad - Eight Arms To Hold You (Rascal Revenge Editmix).mp3 01-Jun-2007 01:06 8.6M GoonSquad - Eight Arms To Hold You (Joey Altura Edits).mp3 01-Jun-2007 00:55 8.7M GoonSquad - Eight Arms To Hold You (Homemixer Silvère Edit Mix 2007).mp3 29-May-2007 02:17 10M GoonSquad - Eight Arms (DNC Editremix).mp3 28-May-2007 14:46 4.7M GoonSquad - Eight Arms To Edit (JPL).mp3 25-May-2007 18:05 7.9M GoonSquad - 8arms (GERSHremix).mp3 23-May-2007 18:44 6.4M GoonSquad - Eight Arms To Hold You (DJ HecTech Edit Mix).mp3 19-May-2007 02:11 6.0M GoonSquad - Eight Arms To Hold You (DJ ''Da Edits Junkies'' Patrice Remix).mp3 17-May-2007 18:49 16M GoonSquad - Eight Arms To Hold You (Jeff's Pulpo Dub).mp3 16-May-2007 18:25 6.1M GoonSquad - Eight Arms To Hold You (Funkafilia Edits).mp3 16-May-2007 18:23 7.1M GoonSquad - ThePhlexican Vs Goon Squad.mp3 03-May-2007 04:27 8.6M

Before I even comment about these phenomenal remixes, I have to extend a huge debt of gratitude to Julius for remastering this baby to new heights of perfection!!! To have the vocal and dub versions in stellar fidelity is a dream come true for me. Thank you Julius for your precious time, tastes and talents, not only for this classic, but for many of our beloved dance favorites that you have "re-defined" over the years with your exquisite audio know how! Like JP said, you deserve a very deep bow of appreciation.

And to you Funk!!! Thanks for picking this song to be the catalyst to stimulate all of our esteemed editors to work their magic upon. All of you went above and beyond sensory satisfaction with this one! Damn!!! You guys went ballistic with the cuts and special effects!!! I really can't pick a favorite mix because they all offer something original and exciting that makes them all a winner in my book. So, without further hesitation, here's my "experience" with all of your talented works:

I remember first reading about the Goon Squad in Billboard Magazine back in 1985. Arthur Baker was at the helm of the production, so I knew it had to be excellent. I would buy anything with Mr. Baker's name attached to it along with anything that had edits done by the Latin Rascals!!! So, as you've guessed it, I ran out and bought the record right then!!! When I came home, I was blown away by what I would hear: those hard beats, a great melodic hook and refrain, an emulator solo, jaw-dropping percussion courtesy of Jimmy Bralower, and those wildly addictive edits from my favorites, Tony and Albert!!!! I was in a swoon over the sounds I experienced that day and have been ever since I would hear this record. And now, with my precious Editheadz remixing this gem, it has now achieved a new status and realm it never had before!!!

I guess this song is about an Octopus, right? With a name like, "Eight Arms To Hold You" what else could I think! Well, each of you gentlemen made this record's "tentacles" reach out and tickle my testicles!!!! My goodness, this ain't no fish story guys. What you have done is created "musical plankton" for our ears to swallow up whole!!! I mean, first there was Gershwin with his take on the song. Like James Bond, the G-Man and his "license to thrill" really went down on this "octopussy" with edits that made my "Moby Dick" rise up from below! Serious!!! DJ Hec Tech did an outstanding job "harpooning" his mix with edits that called "all hands on deck" with some punctuating deck stops. And I won't stop there! I nearly drowned in the edit waves that DJ Patrice set forth. He plunged right on in and arm-wrestled with each of those eight arms!!! Speaking of "8 Arms" JPL's "Eight Arms To Edit Mix" was an aural affair that incorporated additional production, samples and an ingenious incorporation of John Robie's syllabic solo from "I.O.U." into his maelstrom of a mix! My God, my "sperm whale" nearly shot out "ambergris" from the battling emulator solos. How clever to use the "E" vowel JPL. You are phenomenal!!!!

Funkafilia, really chopped up his version like it was some sort of sonic sushi!!!! And that special kind of sushi, the puffer-fish kind that they serve in Japan. Funk's "Fugu Fragments" certainly gave my "ear-buds" quite the tingling sensation from his delightful dices. Anymore and I would die in ecstasy!!!!

And who was not affected by Jeff Cruz's edit-mix? Jeff's slices attacked the record like they were a school of Piranhas!!! These radical rhythms "swam" in torrents and nibbled inside our ears and bodies like we were being eaten up by edits inside.

It was so thrilling to have Joey Altura and The Phlexican back on the board also with their takes on the Goon Squad song. Both of them really sparred with their beats as if they were doing the sound f/x for the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Old Davy Jones wouldn't have a chance doing battle with these beats!!! Noway!!!

Rascal Revenge made a tasty "beat bouillabaisse" out of the song!!!! His incorporation of the "Bonus Beat" version on the original 12-inch was inspired and added to his "ocean of edits" that crashed against the "rocks of rhythm" in his mix. Bravo Double R!

I don't want to forget our other "Pirates of Percussion" either. Homemixer Silvère I really enjoyed your mix as well. I can't wait to hear more from you in the future. Some of your cuts attached themselves to my ears like they were sucker-bearing arms of the Octopus themselves. Quite thrilling!!!

And last but certainly not least, DNC really took my breath away. Guys, as our new kids on the "edit block" you shocked my senses. What an improvement in your style and techniques!!! Men, you obviously poured a lot into this mix and it really shows!!! You made the rhythms "walk the plank" with edits that mutated into different incarnations like Jack Sparrow did in the past film. Brilliant fellas!!!

I can't stress to all of you the intense talents you all possess. It really takes my breath away. You brought a new depth to a classic song. Some of you really paid tribute to the Latin Rascals in your mixes by preserving some of the original edit sequences but embellishing them even more with new surprises. I so do hope that Arthur Baker, Tony and Albert get the chance to listen. You all have paid tribute to them but have demonstrated your own "percussive personality" to a capital T!!!! You all are Stars in your own right!!! Or should I say, in keeping with the metaphor, "Star-Fish!!!!! (LOL)


Bonus Beats: I certainly hope that Steve, Freddy and our exalted Carlos can still contribute their interpretations soon as well. Guys, I have baited-breath and Ears!!!!!!!!!